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What are the required programs?
A: These programs are:
• Faith: Spiritual Reflection Program
• Family: Consecration to the Holy Family
• Community: Helping Hands
• Life: Novena for Life

in order for your council to earn the Columbian award, it must:

  • Conduct at least four major programs in each of the Faith in action categories of Faith, Family, Community and Life
    Complete the Columbian Award Application (#sP-7) — due by June 30
  • submit the Service Program Personnel Report (#365) — due by Aug. 1

Grow in faith and build a strong parish and Church. Aid priests and religious in formation, honor Mary, mother of God, and engage in serious spiritual reflections and religious education activities.

Spiritual Reflection New (Required)
Refund Vocation Support Program (Featured)
Building the Domestic Church Kiosk & Series
Marian Icon Prayer
Rosary Program 
Holy Hour New 
Sacramental Gifts New
Into the Breach

Strengthen families through faith and service. Socialize and pray with other faith-filled Catholic families through special events, religious services and volunteer opportunities.

Make a powerful difference in your community. Help those less fortunate with the basic human needs of clothing, shelter, mobility and compassion.

Create a culture of life. Assist pregnant women in need, care for the elderly, aid the handicapped and empower those with special needs to realize their full potential.