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A Higher Purpose
Strengthen the bonds within our parishes and build faith-filled families. This is an opportunity for council members, families and the whole parish community to come together once a month for an evening of prayer, dinner and fellowship.

Catholics often struggle with the reality that they do not have the opportunity to socialize and/or pray with other faith-filled Catholic families. It can be quite a challenge to raise our children in the faith when their only exposure comes from Mom and Dad.

Family Prayer Night is an opportunity for children to be exposed to regular people living their faith in a casual setting. Families of council members, as well as other Catholic families within the parish and community, will gather for prayer, dinner and fellowship. Multiple groups can be formed and families are encouraged to rotate between these groups.


RC Jr. is a three day residential camp for children with developmental disabilities established in 1997 in response to our need to address the special needs of our children and is totally funded by the Knights of Columbus.

The children in our camper group range from 4 to 17 years of age, whose disabilities range from mild to severe physical handicap, in addition to being developmentally disabled. The children’s other disabilities include Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Tracheotomy, Down’s Syndrome, Myonic Dystrophy, and developmental delays.

During the three days, campers and volunteer counselors participate in activities and classes much like that of Camp ReCreation, but on the level of a child. The campers and volunteer counselors attend programs.  Learn More


A Higher Purpose
Provide warmth for deserving children during cold winter months. Councils across North America can purchase new winter coats for children in need at a discount and distribute them in their local communities.

Families struggling to make ends meet use their scarce resources to meet the most basic needs and cannot always afford the vital essential of a new winter coat. The goal of the Coats for Kids program is to ensure that no child in North America goes without a coat during the winter season. Through the dedication of councils across the United States and Canada, hundreds of thousands of new winter coats have been distributed to children since program inception.

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Our 50th year serving St. Polycarp parish and our community. Imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference.   You will make lifelong friends.
Why Join the Knights of Columbus? I don’t have time to join another organization; why should I join the Knights of Columbus? As a Knight you can choose the projects with which you wish to be involved in within your own community. What is more, the Order is dedicated to family life and the many benefits it offers. From insurance to scholarships to service and social activities and programs, all are open to the whole family.  CLICK THE VIDEO ON THE RIGHT FOR AN INVITATION TO JOIN US.

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